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About Us

Founded in 1994, Rents.Com has always strived to be as our slogan states, “Your Online Rental Resource.”    Our goal was simple, to offer visitors to our site the ability to browse through a multitude of goods and services that had the common attribute of being something useful that could be rented.  In the early days of the internet, the technology just didn’t exist to demonstrate the products that were available in the rental market.  Today, however, the capabilities of the internet are limited only by our imaginations. 

In early 2009 the current iteration of Rents.Com was conceived to answer the question, “Why can’t the providers of rental goods and services use the power of the internet to demonstrate their rental products to consumers or end users?”  This is not to say that internet video technology was pioneered by Rents.Com; far from it.  We were just trying to think outside the box.  What is unique about the Rents.Com concept is that for the first time, the demonstrable attributes of rental products can be hosted on a purpose built, searchable, high quality website that is limited to registered providers of rental goods and services.  What this means to the user, is that unlike a search for “Apartments” on the leading video website which might yield anything from movie footage to pornography, a search for “Apartments” on Rents.Com will yield only “Apartment” videos.

The Rents.Com website is available for anyone to use and our service is free for everyone.  Whether you are a large scale real estate company with thousands of apartments, or an individual who wants to rent an extra room in your home, a national automobile rental company or a local party rental store, Rents.Com provides an easy and powerful way for any rental related business or individual to add high quality video to their website or portfolio.  It is our vision for Rents.Com to be a truly better alternative to other video sites. 

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